Swim, snorkel, and train freely without worrying about turning your head with the Powerbreather.

Swimming is an excellent cardiovascular exercise, but many people stay away from it because of the lack of constant breaths of air and the fear of drowning.

Forcing yourself to turn your head above the water during sidestrokes can feel unnatural, and if done incorrectly, can cause serious neck pain.

When you use snorkels to help you breathe underwater, you have to keep your head straight so water doesn’t get inside the tube.

But with the new Powerbreather, you no longer have to worry about any of these issues.

The German product aims to be the “future in swimming,” as the Powerbreather wraps around your head with the air valve at the very top. This eliminates your need to run your head when you swim, and allows you to keep your face underwater and still receive fresh air.

The circular shape of this revolutionary snorkel removes spent air by breathing out of the mouthpiece and also keeps water from coming in. This valve technology of the Powerbreather makes it possible that only fresh air is ever inhaled.

According to its German-based designer, air is inhaled through the upper section behind the head which is equipped with a check valve and is fully exhaled through a check valve located in the mouthpiece.

The elastic material of the Powerbreather ensures the device stays securely on your head and in place. Amateur swimmers as well as seasoned professional athletes can focus on their speed and power without worrying about their head placement and swim freely.

A prototype of the Powerbreather was shown at ISPO Brandnew 2012, held at the Messe Munchen International Trade Fair.

“Even older people, professional swimmers and anyone undertaking swimming training can train with the Powerbreather in a much more relaxed and effective way,” the product page states.

Now, your neck muscles won’t ache either as you continuously train. The Powerbreather eliminates orthopedic muscle imbalances and ensures balanced muscle development on the left and right side of the body.

Its designers said that professional swimmers and even children can benefit from the device. If this is indeed what it is as promised, those who are still learning to swim will never have to accidentally swallow water anymore.

The Powerbreather was a finalist in the Accessories category at the 2012 ISPO Brandnew awards in innovations for sporting goods. While no pricing and sales information are currently available, we do anticipate the product to hit the market relatively soon since it does say that the design has been “patented worldwide”. For information, contact Powerbreather directly via its official website.



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