Designer Mark Solomon has created a unique character dock for an iPhone, iPad or iTouch called the Moboto. The Moboto comes with a number of fittings that allow you to customize your dock to your liking. In addition, the Moboto incorporates a number of iOS personas that allows you to choose the look and personality of your Moboto.

“Moboto is a new and unique physical and digital experience for mobile devices. When your device docks with Moboto, Moboto comes to life and show his personality through a combination of apps, phone sensors and interactive features. We call them APPersonas.”

These “APPersonas” constantly gather information from phone sensors and web data and communicates visually or verbally to you through an array of fun images and behaviors. It also interacts with its surroundings through its sensors to make it a fun, yet informational experience.

Mark designed the different elements of the display to subtly show information such as the time, the battery percentage, or the weather. Moboto also can talk to you or lip-sync to a song if you want.

This is operated in the form of a Moboto App. You can download the Moboto App for free on the App Store. It will provide personas for the Eye/Mouth, Flower and Face moving images you can see in the video.

Future updates will continue to provide free and paid personas and features.

The Moboto also features a swivel connector that will allow most iPhone cases to fit perfectly. Moboto comes with USB Micro to USB A cord to plug into wall or computer to charge as well as a Line Out for Audio.

“Moboto is modular by design. This allows for a variety of interlocking bases, attachments such as arms, and other accessories to be easily interchanged, providing customization and personalization.”

You can customize various skins, as well as the actual dock itself, which comes apart into two separate pieces.

The Moboto is designed so that it’s easy to swap parts to customize the product to your liking.

These interchangeable parts–the base of the dock and the top portion that connects to your iPhone–use a simple twist-to-lock design.

Solomon plans to release the CAD files required to recreate the twist-to-lock mechanism to the community, so if you have your own 3D printer, you’ll be able to print your own bases for the Moboto. They are also looking to release after launch tools to create some of your own personas and other software features.

Solomon wants to bring this product to the iPhone, iPad, and iTouch with the initial launch, but eventually to the Android and Windows smartphones as well.

As of right now, you can get one of these cool persona docks for a $35 pledge to Solomon’s kickstarter page, but there are a huge range of rewards for different pledge levels.

So if you think it is something you could benefit from, jump over to the Kickstarter website now to make a pledge and help it become a reality.

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